28 Sep 2018

The gaming community in New Zeeland is rising

As online casino gambling continues to increase in popularity, the amount of money being put into such online gambling sites is also increasing. While many online casino sites use clickbait to lure you in such as advertising to players that they get their first play for free, or promising a

25 Jun 2018

Editing Photos in Picasa

The program is called Picasa and can download photos from the camera, organize them on the hard drive, and edit and even publish selected works on the Internet using Web Albums. The program is freely available for download. We will not waste time and immediately turn to the operations. Cropping

Bitdefender Mobile Security iOS 2018 review 100%
04 Aug 2017

Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS review

Bitdefender is one of the most popular antivirus and security solutions developers. Even though a few years back the company only focused on delivering great security solutions for computers, Bitdefender now also manages the security of mobile devices. At first, Bitdefender Mobile Security was only available for Android handsets. Thankfully,

fossil Q Venture
27 Mar 2017

Fossil Q Venture and Q Explorist Announced

Fossil initially made its reputation with traditional watches. However, smartwatches are also on the menu when it comes to this watchmaker company. At the Baselworld trade show, held in Basel, Switzerland starting March 23, the company announced two new Android Wear watches, the Q Venture and the Q Explorist. Both timepieces will

04 Nov 2015

LG G4 update brings version number up to Android 6.0 M

The LG G4 is almost like a forgotten handset due to the big hype that’s surrounding the LG V10. It’s about time the flagship come back in the spotlight, though. Today, LG G4 users in Korea have confirmed that the company is in fact rolling out Android 6.0 Marshmallow to

03 Nov 2015

OmniROM adds Android M to the OnePlus One

The OnePlus One was the flagship killer of 2014, but it continues to be one of the most popular budget-friendly Android smartphones in the world. Android users enjoy the OnePlus One thanks to its timeless design and many customization options in the software. Although the startup company behind the handset

26 Oct 2015

Google Photos has reached an impressive 100 million users

Google+’s attempt to make its way into the extremely competitive social media market wasn’t particularly successful so far. With competitors such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram, perhaps it’s not surprising. However, Google has decided to take one integral part of Google+ away and make it an individual platform in

26 Oct 2015

Grab a great deal on the GoPro Hero4 Silver

GoPro cameras are great for anyone trying to capture more adventurous footage (or keep an eye on what the dog is doing while being left home alone), but they can be fairly expensive. This is especially true for the GoPro Hero4 Silver, one of the high-end versions of the popular

OnePlus X
14 Oct 2015

OnePlus to unveil new X Phone at the end of the month

The first time we’ve heard about OnePlus was when the company released an attractively priced, yet quite powerful smartphone in the form of the OnePlus One. It was hard to get your hands on one in Europe or the US, but slowly, the phone gained international attention and had become

12 Oct 2015

Canon launches its budget EOS M10 camera

With limited press coverage and even less of a fuss, Canon has just launched a new camera, mainly the EOS M10. This new, cheaper sibling of the EOS M3 has snuck onto the Canon online store, while dodging press attention. We’re glad to have stumbled upon it however, for various