trioplan 35+
27 Mar 2017

Trioplan 35+ Fine Art Lens Raised Over $520,000 on Kickstarter

Kickstarter is one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms today. This is where great projects come to become reality. One of the latest ones to join the game is the Trioplan 35+ fine art lens, by Meyer Optik USA. This project comes as the last chapter of the company’s¬†Trioplan Trilogy.

Violet Little 0
analog film
25 Mar 2017

How to Transfer Your Photos from Analog Film To Your Computer

The digital era we live in made the majority of us forget all about analog photography. Even so, the majority of us still have at least one- or two films we didn’t get to turn into photos laying around in the house. Now, we can easily transfer photos from an

20 Mar 2017

LAB-BOX Allows You to Develop Your Photos Without a Darkroom

We now live in a digital era, where the majority of people choose to take instant photos instead of developing traditional films. Even though digital cameras nowadays are extremely performant, there still are photographers who prefer analog photography. Unfortunately, in order to develop films, one needs a lot of supplies,

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13 Sep 2016

Places In Vegas To Get Great Pics

Every visit to Las Vegas must include a visit to one of their casinos (or, if you’d rather take in Vegas’ many other tourist attractions, you can at least visit the online site, the Royal Vegas Casino for all the features of a Vegas casino, but one that you can

23 Dec 2015

Introducing LifePrint, An Amazing Portable Printer

As photos have become vital parts of our lives, a recently appeared project on Kickstarter called LifePrint seems like a vital gadget for all. LifePrint focuses on photo enthusiasts who are often on the move and can really make use of a portable photo printer for fancy images shot by

26 Oct 2015

Google Photos has reached an impressive 100 million users

Google+’s attempt to make its way into the extremely competitive social media market wasn’t particularly successful so far. With competitors such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram, perhaps it’s not surprising. However, Google has decided to take one integral part of Google+ away and make it an individual platform in

29 Sep 2015

Adobe gives details about how space photography relies heavily on Photoshop

Photography is not just about taking that gorgeous shot – it’s often a labor-intensive process of editing an image to make it look even better, by using software such as Adobe Photoshop. And while it’s pretty common knowledge that images of models looking perfect are a result of heavy image

22 Sep 2015

Facebook might track you using your phone’s camera

It’s fairly common knowledge that your smartphone is already a great tool to keep track of you or your online activities, and the topic of privacy in the online environment is one of hot debates. It seems like we’ll be adding yet another way that companies will be able to

27 May 2015

Joe McNally surprises New York newlyweds with studio truck

Joe McNally, one of the most appreciated contemporary photographers, is rolling across New York in style, giving newlyweds the opportunity to have their pictures taken by a renowned artist. McNally is on board the Nikon Wedding Truck Studio and is celebrating wedding season along with millions of other couples choosing

Peter Lik Phantom
19 Dec 2014

Peter Lik sells “Phantom” photo print for $6.5 Million

The sale of artistic prints has seen a steady increase in high end prices in the last few years. The record books are updated almost annually with ever higher prices for works. December 2014 has seen a huge leap with Phantom – a photographic print made by Peter Lik, Australian