02 Apr 2017

ZeTime – The First Smartwatch With Mechanical Hands

We must admit, we all love accessories. Whether they are traditional timepieces or smartwatches, we like them all. For some occasions, a smartwatch is the gadget to opt for, in others, a traditional watch is more appropriate. Until now, we chose our wearable depending on the situation. Now, thanks to

31 Mar 2017

Hailing a Ride with the Lyft Mono is as Easy as it Gets

Lyft, the fastest growing rideshare company in the US announced Mono on Thursday. This is a wearable device that allows users to hail a ride by simply raising their hands. No more yelling and whistling. Not even calling a cab is necessary anymore. You raise your hand while wearing the gadget

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fossil Q Venture
27 Mar 2017

Fossil Q Venture and Q Explorist Announced

Fossil initially made its reputation with traditional watches. However, smartwatches are also on the menu when it comes to this watchmaker company. At the Baselworld trade show, held in Basel, Switzerland starting March 23, the company announced two new Android Wear watches, the Q Venture and the Q Explorist. Both timepieces will

Gear S2
02 Oct 2015

Samsung launches Gear S2 smartwatch

Samsung has recently unveiled its new smartwatch line-up, consisting of the minimalist Samsung Gear S2, and the more traditional looking Gear S2 Classic. Priced at $299 and $349 respectively, these two new offerings from the Korean tech giant come as a response to Apple’s Apple Watch. While the smartwatch market

02 Oct 2015

solidLUUV promises impressive stabilization for compact cameras

I personally rarely take interest in Kickstarter campaigns. Most of them end up aiming high and shooting low, and even among those that do get the required funding, few actually deliver on promised products. There are some exceptions though, in the form of innovative products or ideas that not only

30 Sep 2015

Logitech launches the Logi Circle, a home security camera with a twist

We normally focus on cameras that people use as a hobby or as a passion, but we’ll make an exception for Logitech’s recently announced Logi Circle, a home security camera that brings a lot of nifty features and is frankly cool enough to be newsworthy. Oh, and also, home security

Apple iCar AppleCar
21 Sep 2015

Apple speeding up its AppleCar project, launch could happen in 2019

The iPhones are not the only products consumers are keeping an eye on Apple for. The well-established tech giant has long been known to be working on a car of its own, something Apple likes to call the Project Titan, but to us more humble people, is known as the

13 Sep 2015

Oura ring – standard sleep tracker or revolutionary?

A new Kickstarter project is stirring up quite the interest on the crowdfunding site and social media: the Oura ring, a ring-sized wellness computer. The Oura ring has vast ambitions of improving the wearer’s sleep and a very high price tag of $230 for one wearable device. Now the question

04 Aug 2015

Cydekick is the future creeping up on us

Cydekick looks funnier than it sounds, but the name doesn’t stand for something gimmicky. In fact, Cydekick might just be one of the forerunners of consumer technology in a “green” age. Cydekick connects your bicycle to USB, and thus becomes the means through which you can effectively harvest energy while exercising. Spinetics

21 Jul 2015

Resurgence power cases for iPhones launched

One of the big problems of the smartphone industry is battery life, which is also one of the most debated subjects among smartphone users. Among the best ways of maximizing battery life on a device is a power case that can supply the phone with extra power during the day.