Bitdefender Mobile Security iOS 2018 review 100%
04 Aug 2017

Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS review

Bitdefender is one of the most popular antivirus and security solutions developers. Even though a few years back the company only focused on delivering great security solutions for computers, Bitdefender now also manages the security of mobile devices. At first, Bitdefender Mobile Security was only available for Android handsets. Thankfully,

03 Apr 2017

Apple Will Lose Imagination Technologies As Its GPU Designer

Imagination Technologies is a British¬†firm that designs graphics chips. We can find these chips inside different Apple products. The company’s PowerVR graphics technology was present in iPhone, iPad, and iPod for years now. This is why the British company can state that they had a big surprise when Apple announced

android o
22 Mar 2017

Android O First Developer Preview Reveals New Features

Android just released the first developer preview for its upcoming OS: Android O. The news comes from the Android Developers blog and it promises to reveal a number of new features. The first version of Android launched back in 2008, end ever since it managed to gain a large number

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