Lens: Trioplan 35+, Photographer: Firat Bagdu

Kickstarter is one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms today. This is where great projects come to become reality. One of the latest ones to join the game is the Trioplan 35+ fine art lens, by Meyer Optik USA. This project comes as the last chapter of the company’s Trioplan Trilogy. The 35+ is the startup’s third lens, and it promises to be just as great as the first two were. This Trioplan “Soap Bubble Bokeh” lens is able to add emotions to your pictures, according to the manufacturers.

Lens: Trioplan 35+, Photographer: Benedikt Hartmann

The Trioplan 35+ features a 35mm focal length. This is one of the best lenses to document travels and events. It is able to capture images in a way that almost turns them into paintings. The end result is just breathtaking. As the manufacturing company put it, this lens is able to “paint with light”, not only recreate reality. Even though some might say that this isn’t the classical lens to use for capturing portraits, the Trioplan 35+ handles this task easily. It can do this thanks to the short minimum focus distance of 30 cm. This feature enables photographers to get close to their subjects and snap some seriously impressive portraits.

Another great feature of this particular lens is its size. The 35+ is a compact device, so users won’t need to carry an extra bag only for the lens. Given its small size, the lens is extremely easy to handle and it is also comfortable for subjects because they don’t need to look into a ginormous gadget when posing. Of course, it also allows photographers to get closer to their models without it becoming weird or uncomfortable. The lens works great both with sharp landscape shots and artsy close-ups.

The Trioplan 35+ offers incomparable creative assets. Besides the soap bubble bokeh, that turned the Trioplan lenses into many photographers’ favorite lens, it is also able to soften the background. This way, backgrounds can look as if they were paintings, instead of reproductions of the sharp reality. This lens also allows users to snap wider-angle pictures than before. The new lens is made for the use on full-format sensors. What makes it different from the original Trioplan 35 are the two additional elements on the front of the lens. These were added in order to create a wide-angle lens instead of the original Trioplan 35mm/1.8″, which was rather a tele than a wide- angle lens.

The new lens offers 1:2,8, – 1:22 aperture, 35mm focal length, and a focusing distance to 0.3m. It weighs only 220g, so it is easy to carry around. The lens is available with mounts for Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony E, FujiX, and other cameras. The handmade lenses will be available as additional pledge levels in five different colors: classic black, noble titan, night blue,  nature green, and fire red. The project raised over $520,000, and the campaign is still on for another 17 days. The lenses will start shipping in September to those who backed the project with at least $649.

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