We’ve all been eagerly awaiting to see Ricoh unveil its upcoming Pentax DSLR camera this year. The company promised earlier in 2015 that it would be releasing its new Pentax camera by the 2nd of 2015. However, it seems that the Japanese company needs a little bit of extra time. Ricoh has set up a teaser website for the anticipated Pentax camera, which can be seen here. Sadly, there’s a huge shortage of information, and apart from hinting at a Spring 2016 release date and showing off a few shadowy images of the camera itself , there’s not much to share.

Of course, there are the unofficial sources that are suggesting the Pentax camera will be using a 36 MP full frame sensor made by Sony, but it’s also possible to see something more advanced, like the 42 MP one we’ve seen in the Sony a7R II. Still, these are not confirmed rumors which have limited credibility at best, so there’s no real reason to get excited just yet. Ricoh will probably supply more information once we close in on that teased spring 2016 release window.

Sadly, that’s about it when it comes to news about a new Pentax camera, so we’re bearers of bad news this time around. In any case, as soon as Ricoh decides to update its teaser website or share any new information about the camera, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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