31 Mar 2017

Hailing a Ride with the Lyft Mono is as Easy as it Gets

Lyft, the fastest growing rideshare company in the US announced Mono on Thursday. This is a wearable device that allows users to hail a ride by simply raising their hands. No more yelling and whistling. Not even calling a cab is necessary anymore. You raise your hand while wearing the gadget

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trioplan 35+
27 Mar 2017

Trioplan 35+ Fine Art Lens Raised Over $520,000 on Kickstarter

Kickstarter is one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms today. This is where great projects come to become reality. One of the latest ones to join the game is the Trioplan 35+ fine art lens, by Meyer Optik USA. This project comes as the last chapter of the company’s Trioplan Trilogy.

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24 Mar 2017

Archer Will Have a Hidden Storyline Discoverable With a Smartphone App

Archer is one of the most popular animation shows on television nowadays. The eighth season of the show will debut on April 5 and it promises to be even greater than the ones before. This time around, there will also be a hidden storyline. Fans can uncover hidden items through

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android o
22 Mar 2017

Android O First Developer Preview Reveals New Features

Android just released the first developer preview for its upcoming OS: Android O. The news comes from the Android Developers blog and it promises to reveal a number of new features. The first version of Android launched back in 2008, end ever since it managed to gain a large number

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20 Mar 2017

LAB-BOX Allows You to Develop Your Photos Without a Darkroom

We now live in a digital era, where the majority of people choose to take instant photos instead of developing traditional films. Even though digital cameras nowadays are extremely performant, there still are photographers who prefer analog photography. Unfortunately, in order to develop films, one needs a lot of supplies,

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