We must admit, we all love accessories. Whether they are traditional timepieces or smartwatches, we like them all. For some occasions, a smartwatch is the gadget to opt for, in others, a traditional watch is more appropriate. Until now, we chose our wearable depending on the situation. Now, thanks to the ZeTime, one accessory can be great for any occasion. The smartwatch delivered by MyKronoz Switzerland is a perfect combination between a smart accessory and a classical watch. At this point, it is only a project, but given the fact that it already managed to raise over 1700% of its initial goal on Kickstarter, it’s safe to say that soon it will become reality.

The ZeTime seamlessly combines mechanical hands with a TFT color display. It is basically a classical-looking watch with a number of great smart features. The design is magnificent. Even though the majority of smartwatches nowadays come with rather bulky watch cases, the ZeTime is quite thin. This way, it’s not only more comfortable to wear, it also looks more elegant. And it is suited for ladies also. It definitely won’t look awkward on a delicate woman’s wrist, but men can also wear it without looking stupid. The interchangeable watch bands allow users to choose from multiple versions, depending on their moods or needs.

Image Credit: MyKronoz Switzerland

The good looks aren’t the only good feature of the ZeTime. It is also incredibly smart. One might think that the mechanical hands that confer the classic look of the watch might get in the way when they want to check out the touchscreen. The developing company found the perfect way to combine the two. The watch is smart enough to know when the mechanical hands need to move in order to offer a better view. They are moved by the watch CPU thanks to the Smart Movement technology of the wearable.

When traveling with a traditional timepiece, users need to remember to set their time when arriving in a different timezone. With the ZeTime, they don’t need to bother doing this anymore. It will automatically sync with their smartphone and show the correct local time. In addition, it is also able to display the time of the user’s timezone. How cool is that? Thanks to the mechanical hands, users always have access to the correct time, even when the touchscreen is off. After all, there is no need to constantly check for notifications and tinker with apps. Sometimes, all we need from our watches is the time.

Having a nice-looking timepiece doesn’t mean yo need to compromise on functionality. The ZeTime offers a great number of pre-installed apps, and it is able to track your heart rate, activity, and sleep. Basically, it does everything a smart watch should do, but in addition, it also looks sleek. Furthermore, it is water resistant, which means you don’t have to take it off when going for a swim. This is actually more than the majority of smartwatches can ensure.

Image credit MyKronoz Switzerland

The ZeTime comes in numerous variants. Those who enjoy a sporty accessory can opt for the Original collection with silicon bands. Others may prefer the Premium collection with its leather, jean, NATO or carbon bands. Finally, users who would not let go of their metal bracelets can choose the Elite collection. This offers them the possibility to opt for Silver Metal link or Black metal Link bracelets. The ladies will definitely enjoy the Pink-Gold or Silver Milanese bands. What is there not to enjoy? They look astonishing. As for the pricing, we must admit it is quite affordable, especially if we take into consideration all the amazing features of the smartwatch. Customers can get their hands on a ZeTime hybrid smartwatch for prices starting from $199 after the Kickstarter campaign ends. Before that, the smartwatch is available for even lower prices.

The ZeTime will go into mass production in August and will start shipping in September. Naturally, those who back the project on Kickstarter will be the first ones to enjoy this amazing gadget. We can’t wait to see this gadget become globally available. Would you like to own one? Which collection do you prefer and why? Tell us all about your option in a comment.

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