We normally focus on cameras that people use as a hobby or as a passion, but we’ll make an exception for Logitech’s recently announced Logi Circle, a home security camera that brings a lot of nifty features and is frankly cool enough to be newsworthy. Oh, and also, home security might actually be a passion for some. After all, a small, portable and affordable camera that can protect your more expensive cameras can’t be a bad thing, can it?

The Logi Circle is a home camera priced at $200. At a first glance, it might be expensive enough to be overlooked, but you’re getting quite a bit for your investment. For one, Logitech provides access to its Cloud-service for recordings of the past 24 hours. In other words, you can view footage taken by your Circle during the last day directly from Logitech’s cloud service, free of charge. Normally, competitors such as Nest charge you for a similar service. Apart from that, the Circle can also be used unplugged for about 3 hours, and can stream video footage to a plethora of devices.

Add to that the fact that it comes with apps on both iOS and Android that are extremely user-friendly and well optimized, and you might just have a winner. Logitech is likely targeting the camera at consumers interested in having an extra layer of security within their homes, and this is clear in the way the Circle connects with your phone. It has WiFi support, obviously, so checking in on your home while at work is easy and reliable. The Circle is capable of recording 1080p footage, but since that’s harder to stream via WiFi, 720p footage is likely to be your optimal choice. The lens employed is wide-angle, so there’s some distortion of footage, but overall the quality provided by this small portable camera is really good and reliable.

The Circle also employs some useful features to make it even more appealing, such as a “Day Brief” mode which provides you with a summary of the day’s more important events. As far as looks are concerned, there’s nothing mindblowing about Logitech’s offering, but it looks appealing and the build quality seems sturdy enough. Logitech’s camera will be available starting with October.

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