We’re seeing more and more competition arising in the somewhat niche market that home security cameras represent. This was and still is a market mostly dominated by Google’s $200 Nest Cam, but competitors are stepping up. A few days ago, we’ve talked about Logitech‘s alternative to a home security cam, and today it seems Kodak is also making a stand by introducing its new CFH-V20 Cam, a reasonably priced and really competitive cam that will surely provide a viable alternative to the Nest.

The CFH-V20 has a lot going for it. Kodak has equipped this appealing-looking camera with a 180 degree field of view, IFTTT integration (which means you’ll be able to pair the home security camera with apps running on iOS or Android), WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) night-vision capabilities, as well as WiFi capabilities, augmented by an internal signal extender. Similarly to what Logitech is providing with its own new camera, Kodak’s CFH-V20 also comes with the added benefit of having a one day long Cloud Storage option, which lasts for a lifetime and comes at no additional cost. This sets it apart from other competitors that usually charge for cloud storage options separately. Of course, if you want cloud storage that provides more than the last 24 hours, Kodak offers that option too, but that is no longer a free service, so you’ll have to fork out some extra. Still, 24 hours is usually enough for most users that want that extra layer of security in their homes, so having that option free of charge is a nice touch.

Best of all, the Kodak camera is priced reasonably at $150, which makes it cheaper than Google’s offering by quite a lot ($50 less). You can find more details about the camera on Kodak’s webpage, along with a PDF manual and links on where the camera is available for purchase.

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