25 Jun 2018

Editing Photos in Picasa

The program is called Picasa and can download photos from the camera, organize them on the hard drive, and edit and even publish selected works on the Internet using Web Albums. The program is freely available for download. We will not waste time and immediately turn to the operations. Cropping

24 Mar 2017

Archer Will Have a Hidden Storyline Discoverable With a Smartphone App

Archer is one of the most popular animation shows on television nowadays. The eighth season of the show will debut on April 5 and it promises to be even greater than the ones before. This time around, there will also be a hidden storyline. Fans can uncover hidden items through

Violet Little 0
23 Jul 2015

Pro videos with an app now possible

Creating professional quality videos with limited resources is a challenge, especially if you’re on a budget. But pro videos seem to be on demand now, especially when it comes to Youtubers and vloggers and such. Triller is the new solution that music video director Colin Tilley and developers David Leiberman

09 Jun 2015

Ello for iPhone release date finally set in stone

Ello, the ad-free social network that blew up last year, has announced today that the long-awaited iPhone Ello app would be launching on June 18.The iOS app will be similar to the Android app which has been available for the last few months. The idea behind Ello is to create

07 Jun 2015

HomeAdvisor now on the Apple Watch

HomeAdvisor have picked a Sunday to officially announce that their home services app will be available for the Apple Watch. More and more developers and companies are working on creating apps for Watch OS, which is the driving force behind the Apple Watch, and while many struggle with the restricted

02 Jun 2015

Kolektio is Instagram for events and networking

Kolektio is the new Instagram, or at least that’s where it’s trying to get from what we gather. We share photos more than anything else, maybe except for words, and Kolektio wants to make that easier for us. Photographers and not just them can use the app, which is now

02 Jun 2015

Apple Watch library gets WeR@Home app from Essence

The Apple Watch has no shortage of apps right now, and even though they’re running late (read: slow), companies keep updating their native iOS apps to support the new formerly known as iWatch device. The Apple Watch is a great first edition and thousands of people agree with that statement.

28 May 2015

Updated Triposo app adds ticket purchasing for travelers

Vacation season is upon us. The age of smartphones has also taken over, which is why we often find ourselves searching for travel apps to do the things every traveler needs to before embarking on a cross-country trip: buying tickets, choosing places to visit, booking hotel rooms and so on.