Google+’s attempt to make its way into the extremely competitive social media market wasn’t particularly successful so far. With competitors such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram, perhaps it’s not surprising. However, Google has decided to take one integral part of Google+ away and make it an individual platform in the shape of Google Photos. This attempt has proven to be a lot more successful.

While still relatively new, Google Photos has already reached an impressive 100 million users. This is particularly impressive considering the service reached these results in about 5 months, something other social media giants required years to reach. It’s not surprising, if you think about it – people love taking, sharing and saving photos, and Google Photos does a great job at all of these things. It’s easy to use, and features like the Assistant Tool make it extremely appealing, a statement easily backed up by the platform’s undoubted success. It’s the fastest growing cloud image storage platform out there today, with companion apps available on both iOS and Android.

To celebrate, Google released a short video, which you can see for yourself above, along with some interesting facts. One such fact shows that food is what people are photographing the most after, obviously, people. It also shows that photos of dogs are much more common and popular than any other animal out there, including cats. Sorry Grumpy Cat. There are several other interesting facts shared on a recent blog post by Google, such as the fact that Google Photos users have already created a staggering 15 million GIFs and animations. You can read more of these facts on Google’s official blog.

If you haven’t already, you can try out Google Photos yourself. It’s completely free to use, provides you with unlimited cloud storage, and gives you a multitude of tools to manage, edit, share or compile your photos.

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Mark Jonathan

Mark Jonathan

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