Sony launched the new Xperia Z5 family at IFA Berlin last week, with the smartphone community praising the new launch. The Xperia Z5. Xperia Z5 Compact and Xperia Z5 Premium were all demonstrated at the fair, but there’s an additional member of the new Sony device family which wasn’t showcased: the Xperia Z5 Made for Bond. Sony released the Made for Bond video commercial on Youtube for the Xperia Z5 and while some thought it was just a normal advert for the Xperia Z5, it turns out it’s much more than that.

Last year, during the Sony Entertainment leak fiasco, it was revealed that one of the upcoming Xperia smartphones (then thought the Xperia Z4) would be the official handset of Mr. James Bond in the Spectre movie. Since that was leaked, people were curious to see what kind of high-end device Bond would be touting in the film. It turns out there’s a special device “made for Bond” in tow, to be released exclusively by Vodafone.

Sony has confirmed today that the Xperia Z5 Made for Bond would be made available for consumers soon and confirmed that the UK carrier Vodafone will be the exclusive carrier for the phone. Specifications of the Made for Bond Xperia Z5 should not be different than those of the original flagship, but it should feature the amazing 4K display of the Premium model.

The Bond edition of the phone will feature a slightly different design to match the Spectre movie: a lot of black chrome. Under the hood, the Xperia Z5 Made for Bond variant will feature exclusive content from the movie, a few themes reflecting the movie’s industrial, yet elegant feeling and some video blogs. Availability and pricing for the phone has unfortunately not been disclosed yet, so we’re unsure whether the phone will be released globally, just in the UK or in additional markets. Vodafone should update their site when the phone goes up for pre-order soon and we’ll most likely find out more about availability and pricing then.

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