15 Sep 2015

Xperia Z5 Made for Bond exclusive to Vodafone

Sony launched the new Xperia Z5 family at IFA Berlin last week, with the smartphone community praising the new launch. The Xperia Z5. Xperia Z5 Compact and Xperia Z5 Premium were all demonstrated at the fair, but there’s an additional member of the new Sony device family which wasn’t showcased:

13 Sep 2015

Oura ring – standard sleep tracker or revolutionary?

A new Kickstarter project is stirring up quite the interest on the crowdfunding site and social media: the Oura ring, a ring-sized wellness computer. The Oura ring has vast ambitions of improving the wearer’s sleep and a very high price tag of $230 for one wearable device. Now the question

04 Aug 2015

Cydekick is the future creeping up on us

Cydekick looks funnier than it sounds, but the name doesn’t stand for something gimmicky. In fact, Cydekick might just be one of the forerunners of consumer technology in a “green” age. Cydekick connects your bicycle to USB, and thus becomes the means through which you can effectively harvest energy while exercising. Spinetics

23 Jul 2015

Pro videos with an app now possible

Creating professional quality videos with limited resources is a challenge, especially if you’re on a budget. But pro videos seem to be on demand now, especially when it comes to Youtubers and vloggers and such. Triller is the new solution that music video director Colin Tilley and developers David Leiberman

21 Jul 2015

Resurgence power cases for iPhones launched

One of the big problems of the smartphone industry is battery life, which is also one of the most debated subjects among smartphone users. Among the best ways of maximizing battery life on a device is a power case that can supply the phone with extra power during the day.

20 Jun 2015

New Airwheel self-balancing scooter now available

The new Airwheel S5 is the newest self-balancing cruising scooter on the market and besides looking proper high-tech, it offers a number of features and benefits for commuters and strollers. Although trains, ride-sharing and bicycles are great sustainable transport options, there are certain pull factors when it comes to small

16 Jun 2015

Polk Audio Striker Pro is the gaming headset of E3

Polk Audio, a company renowned for their prowess in audiophile gear, has today announced during the E3 conference in Las Vegas, the new Polk Audio Striker Pro gaming headset, a beauty in and in itself. When we first heard about the Striker Pro, we were expecting its price to jump

16 Jun 2015

Allview launches QHD phablet with 24 MP camera

Allview isn’t the most popular company, especially not on the American smartphone market. Nonetheless, the OEM has released worthwhile phones in the Allview Soul line-up and today it has announced a new addition to that, the Allview Soul X2 Xtreme. Although its name is a mouthful, the device aims to

15 Jun 2015

The people have spoken: bigger smartphone battery

It looks like the people have made their decision when it comes to smartphone design: they want bigger batteries and don’t care that that means a trade-off for a thick phone. Although companies like Apple, Blu, Gionee and more have been competing to get out the thinnest smartphones on the

12 Jun 2015

HTC Ink celebrates body art and aesthetics

Jourdan Dunn and HTC have yesterday unveiled the new limited edition HTC Ink smartphone that aims to bring a bit of sass to the already pretty decent HTC One M9 design. Much like previous HTC Ink editions, like the Phunk One M8, the HTC One M9 Ink comes with an