Jourdan Dunn and HTC have yesterday unveiled the new limited edition HTC Ink smartphone that aims to bring a bit of sass to the already pretty decent HTC One M9 design. Much like previous HTC Ink editions, like the Phunk One M8, the HTC One M9 Ink comes with an engraved back panel that has a tattoo-like design inspired by Jourdan Dunn.

Tattoos are more popular than ever right now, and the HTC Ink handset takes a lot of inspiration out of the body art culture. Although it keeps the specs and overall design elements of the HTC One M9, the HTC Ink limited edition variant adds a considerable amount of “premium” to the entire handset. Since this is a limited edition handset, there are only a few units available for purchase. HTC did not reveal exactly how many HTC Ink devices would be up for grabs, but those that are interested can register on the official web-page to try their luck in getting their hands on an engraved HTC One M9. The offer is only open to U.S. customers, so keep that in mind when registering.

HTC chose to get inspired by conventional, traditional body art and their symbolism, choosing a couple of key elements to include in the engraving on the HTC Ink limited edition HTC One M9. First, they included the hand, which means support and security, as well as protection, trying to denote that the One M9 is a device that is durable and long-lasting, keeping all your data safe at the same time. The eye that lies in the palm of the hand in the engraving represents honesty and strength, and it also symbolizes the HTC design mantra that emphasizes beauty and power at the same time. The sun and the moon are also included, to represent balance, which HTC has done well when it comes to the One M9.

Whether you’re a fan of body art or not, there’s no denying that the HTC Ink limited edition unit is rather beautifully designed and adds a lot of sass to the handset. The price for the limited edition device has not been revealed, but it shouldn’t cost too much more than an unlocked HTC One M9 unit from Amazon, for example. We would estimate the price to be around $800 for the HTC Ink variant, but we will update this article as soon as pricing is confirmed.

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