Dish’s Sling TV, which was the headliner at CES 2015in January, is getting a brand new competitor in the cord cutter industry: Select TV. Select TV comes from Freecast and it offers the same type of content on demand that Sling TV does, only improved. The set top box called Select TV will provide cord cutters with all the content they need, for low prices and without having to pay the same type of subscription fee each month.

Select TV is based on a simple concept: viewers want to pay for what they watch, not a bundle of things of which they watch a few. With the new set top box that was introduced to the world today, Freecast is planning on taking on Sling TV with its on demand structure, pay per view structure, and flexible subscription plans that viewers can customize themselves, and thus pay for what they actually need.

Cord cutting is becoming commonplace, which is why Sling TV took off so well and why Apple is planning its own network like it. But Select TV is completely new and it bypasses the usual restrictions that come with new products. It comes with massive library of content that viewers can choose from, a smart interface that will let you use the service on any device you own and use it in multiple ways.

While the main purpose of Select TV is to provide you with video content from local channels, national channels, web services and networks, it offers more than that. It can be used as a smart TV-enabler, so to speak, seeing as the device will let you make your TV as smart as you want it to be. The device has a built-in browser, DVR so that you can record and save (to cloud storage or external storage) everything that you would like to keep and get access to content from any country.

That all sounds interesting and the Select TV set top box is looking like a rather comprehensive product and service combo, but we can’t approve it just yet. Complete pricing information about the product and service have not been revealed, although Freecast did mention that the base subscription for Select TV service will be at around $3 a month, which is lower than any service out there. In 50 days and a few hours, more details will become available about Select TV, including availability and pricing, and we’ll keep in touch with Freecast to get the scoop on the new cord cutter set top box. Until then, keep an eye on the official website for more info.

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