GoPro, the company behind the action camera and the entity that made action cameras popular in the first place has decided to improve its line-up of action cameras today. The company announced today that the new Hero Plus LCD camera would be the first in its line-up to boast with a touch-screen to help users easily control their experiences.

The GoPro Hero Plus LCD is more of an entry-level action camera, according to the company, but it still features high-end capabilities that will cater to any extreme sports’ fans out there. Alongside the new format, the company kept its traditional design and rugged build with the new release. As such, the GoPro Hero+ LCD comes with a unibody design encompassed in a waterproof and ruggedized case, so that nothing tragic happens during a backflip into a pool.

The camera itself can resist water up to 40 meters, and the camera software comes forth with new features that take advantage of the touch display on the device. Users will be able to easily trim and frame their shots and control manual settings using the new touch-screen on the GoPro Hero+ LCD. Moreover, GoPro also included HiLight Tagging into the new camera, which will let you tag important moments within your videos so that viewers can watch out for them. The neat part of this feature is that you can tag those moments during recording or during playback, which is handy.

As usual, GoPro added built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 8 MP camera that records 1080p video at 60 fps, QuickCapture, two hours battery life during continuous capture, microSD support and more. The Hero+ LCD price is set at about $300 retail, which means that GoPro is aiming to make this a relatively affordable action camera for those who broadcast their adventures online, and not only.

The GoPro Hero+ LCD release date is set for June 7, when you guys will be able to purchase the new action camera from either GoPro or resellers in the United States. The gadget will be available worldwide starting July 12, according to the company.

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