Typo has just reached a settlement with BlackBerry yesterday, which no doubt rid the company of a few thousands dollars. Typo agreed that it would no longer sell type covers for devices smaller than 7.9 inches, as its design infringe BlackBerry patterns. When the settlement was announced yesterday, many people began wondering what Typo would do in the future and today, we found out.

Typo has announced two new type covers for the Apple iPad Air and Apple iPad Air 2, which will be available at the company, at Apple and at authorized resellers starting this month. The iPad Air covers feature a slim, sleek design and are similar in design to the Surface Pro 3 Type Cover – maybe Typo and its backer, Ryan Seacrest, are not done with lawsuits from major companies.

The Typo covers for the iPad Air and iPad Air 2 feature a stand and a keyboard module that is just 5.5 mm thick. The cover connects to the iOS tablets through Bluetooth LE, so it shouldn’t consume too much battery life. The case comes with a full-size keyboard, according to Typo, so as the users can feel like their iPads are actually convertible devices, although they’re not.

The covers don’t just add physical features to the iPad Air, rather they add new software features, too. According to Typo, the covers come with their own auto-correct functions. The case itself is magnetic and the stand is adjustable to various degrees of inclination. The pricing and exact availability of the new Typo iPad covers have not been disclosed yet, but we’re waiting on the company to make them official by the end of the month.

Do you guys think that these keyboards are too similar to the Microsoft Type Covers or do you think they can stand on their own? We think they can, and the kickstand that Typo added to the case configuration looks interesting enough to merit a try. We’re looking forward to checking out the quality and auto-correct of the new cases, but until then, we remain a bit skeptical and you should too.

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