Microsoft launched the new Microsoft Nokia 105 this week, a feature phone with few features, but it looks like they’re in this month as Cat Phones have just announced their newest ruggedized, superman feature phone that goes by the name of Cat B30. Cat Phones have been in the business of ruggedized phones for quite some time and they already have three previous releases that those working in rough environments might want to take a peek at. The new Cat B30 is the second feature phone from the company, with the Cat B100 being the first, retailing for $160.

Cat Phones decided that it was high time to launch something new, although a feature phone might not have been the perfect entry into a market and demand that revolves around flagship smartphones. Nonetheless, Cat Phones launched one of the (if not the) most ruggedized feature phones on the market. The B30 is drop-proof to 1.8 meters and it’s naturally water- and dust-proof all around. Although a feature phone, Cat Phones did include quite a few neat functions in the B30.

Since it’s a feature phone, the main attraction of the B30 made by Cat Phones is its rugged build and waterproof nature. It is made with industrial environments in mind, so it caters to people who need a phone for a workplace that involves risky conditions and hazardous materials. Cat Phones made sure to include all the necessary features in the B30 to make it at least an attractive phone.

Cat Phones slapped a pretty steep price on the phone, as the B30 will retail for about $144 in the U.S. Availability has not been disclosed yet, but the rugged phone should go on sale in the next couple of weeks, according to the company. Besides being rugged and anything-proof, the B30 also boasts with an LED torch, FM radio, 3G antennae, 2 MP camera on the rear, 2 inch display on the front, a beefy battery that can last for 9 hours of talk-time and dual SIM capabilities. Even though Cat Phones made this feature phone with a certain demographic in mind, the price might be a bit too steep for what the phone actually offers.

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