trioplan 35+
27 Mar 2017

Trioplan 35+ Fine Art Lens Raised Over $520,000 on Kickstarter

Kickstarter is one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms today. This is where great projects come to become reality. One of the latest ones to join the game is the Trioplan 35+ fine art lens, by Meyer Optik USA. This project comes as the last chapter of the company’s Trioplan Trilogy.

Violet Little 0
13 Sep 2015

Oura ring – standard sleep tracker or revolutionary?

A new Kickstarter project is stirring up quite the interest on the crowdfunding site and social media: the Oura ring, a ring-sized wellness computer. The Oura ring has vast ambitions of improving the wearer’s sleep and a very high price tag of $230 for one wearable device. Now the question

04 Aug 2015

Cydekick is the future creeping up on us

Cydekick looks funnier than it sounds, but the name doesn’t stand for something gimmicky. In fact, Cydekick might just be one of the forerunners of consumer technology in a “green” age. Cydekick connects your bicycle to USB, and thus becomes the means through which you can effectively harvest energy while exercising. Spinetics

05 Jun 2015

MIggo announces new durable camera bags on Kickstarter

A new Kickstarter campaign was launched yesterdat by Miggo, a company that makes camera bags that can be converted into various holster formats. With their new Miggo Agua storm-proof bags, the company was looking for $20.000 in funding, which it has already surpassed in less than a day since the campaign

27 May 2015

Phree lets you use anything as paper, literally

Today, technology is one of the driving forces behind communication and social interaction, but it isn’t always the best medium for it. Phree wants to change that by allowing people to use any surface as paper, and have their marks show up in a digital format without having to use