17 Sep 2015

Nikon is sending out new firmware for its D7100 and D5200 models

DSLR fans, rejoice. Nikon has just announced two firmware updates for two of its more popular models, mainly the D7100 and the D5200. Both cameras are getting some much needed attention to their video recording capabilities, which both firmware updates seem to focus on mainly. The new firmware version is

27 May 2015

Joe McNally surprises New York newlyweds with studio truck

Joe McNally, one of the most appreciated contemporary photographers, is rolling across New York in style, giving newlyweds the opportunity to have their pictures taken by a renowned artist. McNally is on board the Nikon Wedding Truck Studio and is celebrating wedding season along with millions of other couples choosing

Nikon 300mm f/4E
11 Jan 2015

The Nikon 300mm f/4E PF is light but expensive

One of the highlights at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015, for photograhers, is the new Nikon 300mm f/4E lens. The lens is groundbreaking simply because it is a top performer but in a small package. The MTF chards indicate it’s also a better performer, producing sharper images. As you’d expect

Canon 5D mark IV
30 Dec 2014

Canon 5D mark IV possible specifications

Because it’s the time for wishing on what we desire in the new year, we decided to write about the upcoming full-frame user friendly flagship from Canon. We’re talking about the 5D successor of 2015. Weather it will be called 5D mark IV, 5D X or 3D, we can merely