Joe McNally, one of the most appreciated contemporary photographers, is rolling across New York in style, giving newlyweds the opportunity to have their pictures taken by a renowned artist. McNally is on board the Nikon Wedding Truck Studio and is celebrating wedding season along with millions of other couples choosing New York as host of one of the most important moments of their lives.

The Nikon Wedding Truck Studio is part of Nikon’s new I AM Generation Image campaign and newlyweds can actually get their photos taken by Joe McNally for free, which is absolutely wonderful. The presence of McNally aboard the wedding truck is not surprising, as he is the ambassador of the company and has agreed to work in an improvised studio truck and photograph happy (or unhappy) couples across New York, as long as there’s a wedding dress involved.

Although wedding photography might not be the most creative form of art, McNally can shoot photos that will amaze even the more skeptic fans and photographers. That newlyweds can get iconic photos of their special moments from an iconic photographer, for free, is a great opportunity and people will be flocking to the Nikon Wedding Truck Studio.

The Wedding Truck will be at the Office of the City Clear on June 4 and June 5 and couples will have to line-up to get a set of professional wedding photos shot by Joe McNally and the equipment he selected. According to the artist’s blog, he will be using the Nikon D750, NIKKOR lenses and Nikon Speedlights, so high quality photos are pretty much guaranteed.

The only actual criteria for those who want to get photographer on their wedding day is the New York State marriage certificate, dated between June 1 and June 5. Although that window is small, it’s wedding season, so we expect hundreds of couples to be present and lined up neatly to get their pictures taken. Apparently, the Wedding Truck will only be present at the New York City Hall, but who knows, maybe the campaign will go national soon enough, as long as Joe McNally keeps enjoying all the giddy happiness he will be shooting in the back of the truck studio.

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