HomeAdvisor have picked a Sunday to officially announce that their home services app will be available for the Apple Watch. More and more developers and companies are working on creating apps for Watch OS, which is the driving force behind the Apple Watch, and while many struggle with the restricted access that Apple offers to watch features, others can easily modify their existing apps or create entirely new ones specifically for the Apple Watch. The HomeAdvisor app for the Apple Watch is designed for people who always delegate housework – such as repairs and mending work.

HomeAdvisor for the Apple Watch will let customers easily get hold of specialized plumbers, carpenters, builders or security professionals through its new interface. HomeAdvisor puts its library of home professionals to the disposal of the users, who can simply ask for a domain and the app will let them get in touch with the help that they need. Through the Apple Watch app, users will be able to schedule appointments for repairs or verification, but they can also ask for estimates for the price of the handiwork they are requesting.

With the Apple Watch HomeAdvisor app, users can also access information about the handymen that they want to request and the process of one’s selection is automated and goes through a screening before a proposed candidate is displayed on the app. Once you are connected to a home professional, you can place a call to have a chat and see what you need and what they have to offer. Although the app cannot be downloaded yet, the company did divulge that it would be a fee app and it will be made available for download later this year. Since an exact date wasn’t mentioned, we can’t say for sure when HomeAdvisor users will be able to use the app on the Apple Watch.

HomeAdvisor has a massive library of licensed professionals which users of the app can access, and the motivation behind the Apple Watch app lies in its simplicity. A demo has not been provided yet, so we’ll have to wait and see how the interface will actually work and how the calls will be transferred. We’re also curious to see how Instant Bookings and estimations work on a weearable. Hopefully, the app will be user-friendly.

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