Owning a GoPro camera is often synonymous with leading an adventurous, eventful life. But then there are those of us that live regular lives, yet would still love to own a compact, easy to carry camera for those moments we’d like to share or remember down along the road. However, forking out $400 or more on a professional GoPro with all the desirable features might not be too compelling. Luckily, GoPro has finally caught on to this, especially due to pressure from competitors such as Xiaomi, who often provide better and more affordable portable cameras.

Hence, the company has just unveiled a new model called the Hero+, which brings in a lot of those above-mentioned desirable features (such as WiFi) for a much more affordable cost, more specifically $200. You’d expect to see a lot of compromises in the price-range, but GoPro has done a great job in bringing the essentials to its new budget action-cam. The Hero+ comes with Full HD (1080p) recording capabilities at 60 FPS, has WiFi and Bluetooth, and has an upgraded 8 MP still-shooting camera. The Hero+ comes with an acceptable battery, which provides an estimate battery-life of 1:45 with WiFi on, and 2:00 with the function turned off, recording at the highest settings, meaning 1080p in 60 FPS.

The Hero+ also comes with a high-quality internal mic, so audio quality is on-par with more expensive models like the Hero 4 Black. For those of you willing to stretch the budget a bit, there’s also a Hero + LCD variant, which for an extra $50 gives you a touch display. While certainly not the top of the line model GoPro has to offer, the Hero+ seems to fill in that much needed gap between the company’s cheapest product (the Hero) and its more high-end offerings. Previously, the regular Hero did not benefit from WiFi and connectivity with a phone-app, which was a huge sacrifice for anyone trying to make the most out of the action-cam.

Naturally, the new Hero+ is as waterproof as older GoPro models, so you’re getting a lot more this time around, for a still relatively affordable price.

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Amelia Johnson

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