23 Dec 2015

Introducing LifePrint, An Amazing Portable Printer

As photos have become vital parts of our lives, a recently appeared project on Kickstarter called LifePrint seems like a vital gadget for all. LifePrint focuses on photo enthusiasts who are often on the move and can really make use of a portable photo printer for fancy images shot by

26 Oct 2015

Grab a great deal on the GoPro Hero4 Silver

GoPro cameras are great for anyone trying to capture more adventurous footage (or keep an eye on what the dog is doing while being left home alone), but they can be fairly expensive. This is especially true for the GoPro Hero4 Silver, one of the high-end versions of the popular

28 Sep 2015

GoPro announces affordable Hero+

Owning a GoPro camera is often synonymous with leading an adventurous, eventful life. But then there are those of us that live regular lives, yet would still love to own a compact, easy to carry camera for those moments we’d like to share or remember down along the road. However,

01 Jun 2015

GoPro thinks a touch display is more convenient for an action camera

GoPro, the company behind the action camera and the entity that made action cameras popular in the first place has decided to improve its line-up of action cameras today. The company announced today that the new Hero Plus LCD camera would be the first in its line-up to boast with