As photos have become vital parts of our lives, a recently appeared project on Kickstarter called LifePrint seems like a vital gadget for all.

LifePrint focuses on photo enthusiasts who are often on the move and can really make use of a portable photo printer for fancy images shot by mobile devices such as Androids, iPhones and GoPro cams. The initiation on Kickstarter is so popular, that they have received over 450% of the expected $30,000 goal, now standing at $136,540 thanks to 730 backers.

“Print Apple Live Photos, Vines, GIFs, and more with this Augmented Reality photo AND video printer! For IOS, Android, and GoPro…”

LifePrint does not only bring along a portable printer but a customized application too that holds plenty of opportunities for fans of photography. Besides being able to print Vines, GIFs and basically any common image format, LifePrint enables users to design augmented reality photos through smartphones. This is truly a useful innovation in this fast-paced, internet-focused world.

“Additionally, you can share these real photos with your family, friends, and followers by simply printing to any LifePrint printer in the world,” claim the developers, which means that we can now send our desired images to LifePrint devices located all over the world. Below you can see all the additional features that the LifePrint brings about, and surely it is a list that we don’t bump into every day.


We hope that this article has managed to grab your attention to this nifty gadget that will soon become reality, thanks to the backers on Kickstarter. If this is the case, then head over to LifePrint’s Kickstarter page and help the developers in making it even better.

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Spencer Daniel

Spencer Daniel