L16 Compact Camera
08 Oct 2015

Light unveils the L16, a 16-in-one digital camera, available for pre-order as of now

The world of photography is ever-changing, mostly due to the evolution of the technology hidden within various cameras. In today’s mobile-centered world, there’s a fairly easy distinction to make between the two primary consumer groups camera manufacturers are gunning for. On one end, we have the casual photographers that rely

02 Oct 2015

solidLUUV promises impressive stabilization for compact cameras

I personally rarely take interest in Kickstarter campaigns. Most of them end up aiming high and shooting low, and even among those that do get the required funding, few actually deliver on promised products. There are some exceptions though, in the form of innovative products or ideas that not only

30 Sep 2015

Logitech launches the Logi Circle, a home security camera with a twist

We normally focus on cameras that people use as a hobby or as a passion, but we’ll make an exception for Logitech’s recently announced Logi Circle, a home security camera that brings a lot of nifty features and is frankly cool enough to be newsworthy. Oh, and also, home security

28 Sep 2015

GoPro announces affordable Hero+

Owning a GoPro camera is often synonymous with leading an adventurous, eventful life. But then there are those of us that live regular lives, yet would still love to own a compact, easy to carry camera for those moments we’d like to share or remember down along the road. However,

25 Sep 2015

Pentax reveals new lens arriving this October

We’ve recently talked about Pentax’s upcoming full-frame DSLR camera, a camera we’ve been expecting to come out this year, but which has been pushed back to a 2016 spring launch by Pentax. However, the company has just unveiled its new zoom lens, one that’s aimed at the upper tier market,

19 Sep 2015

New Pentax DSLR camera release date delayed to Spring 2016

We’ve all been eagerly awaiting to see Ricoh unveil its upcoming Pentax DSLR camera this year. The company promised earlier in 2015 that it would be releasing its new Pentax camera by the 2nd of 2015. However, it seems that the Japanese company needs a little bit of extra time.

18 Sep 2015

Canon’s new ME20F-SH Camera used to film Aurora Borealis

The Aurora Borealis is arguably one of the most sought-out phenomena among photography and film enthusiasts. The natural beauty of the Aurora is captivating, but also somewhat challenging to capture on picture or film. Hence, it comes as no surprise that it makes for a great way to launch and

17 Sep 2015

Nikon is sending out new firmware for its D7100 and D5200 models

DSLR fans, rejoice. Nikon has just announced two firmware updates for two of its more popular models, mainly the D7100 and the D5200. Both cameras are getting some much needed attention to their video recording capabilities, which both firmware updates seem to focus on mainly. The new firmware version is

Nikon D750 flare issue
09 Jan 2015

Nikon D750 flare issue is acknowledged by the company

One of the hottest releases in the photography gear world in 2014 was the Nikon D750. The full frame digital camera was a big hit out of the gate, with adding such new features as: flip-out screen and a 39 point AF system. It’s success was a bit stained by

Nikon D5500
07 Jan 2015

Nikon D5500 premieres a touchscreen and no OLPF

The Nikon D5500 was premiered at CES today and the new features packed into it are stunning. Marketing has been focused on the touchscreen and the smaller size. It’s a completely new feature in Nikon’s line-up. Even other companies have been slow to implement it. It’s used mostly in lower