20 Jun 2015

New Airwheel self-balancing scooter now available

The new Airwheel S5 is the newest self-balancing cruising scooter on the market and besides looking proper high-tech, it offers a number of features and benefits for commuters and strollers. Although trains, ride-sharing and bicycles are great sustainable transport options, there are certain pull factors when it comes to small

16 Jun 2015

Polk Audio Striker Pro is the gaming headset of E3

Polk Audio, a company renowned for their prowess in audiophile gear, has today announced during the E3 conference in Las Vegas, the new Polk Audio Striker Pro gaming headset, a beauty in and in itself. When we first heard about the Striker Pro, we were expecting its price to jump

15 Jun 2015

Sharing DNA with banks apparently ok with 1 in 4 Americans

It looks like people are willing to share DNA information with their banks for security purposes. A few years ago, even a few months ago, there were many disputes about government agencies collecting DNA and concerns about how that DNA could be used for various purposes. Of course many people

12 Jun 2015

HTC Ink celebrates body art and aesthetics

Jourdan Dunn and HTC have yesterday unveiled the new limited edition HTC Ink smartphone that aims to bring a bit of sass to the already pretty decent HTC One M9 design. Much like previous HTC Ink editions, like the Phunk One M8, the HTC One M9 Ink comes with an

06 Jun 2015

Fusion USB Type C is a prediction of the future of mobile

Apple introduced the new MacBook this year, with a single USB Type C connector which has to be used for charging and connecting other devices at the same time. Although the introduction of USB Type C has had a positive impact on the tech community, the standard is a long

05 Jun 2015

MIggo announces new durable camera bags on Kickstarter

A new Kickstarter campaign was launched yesterdat by Miggo, a company that makes camera bags that can be converted into various holster formats. With their new Miggo Agua storm-proof bags, the company was looking for $20.000 in funding, which it has already surpassed in less than a day since the campaign

04 Jun 2015

Panasonic Lumix CM1 bumped to Android 5.0 Lollipop

Although the Panasonic Lumix Cm1 is more camera than a smartphone, the company is still trying to market this well to people. The Panasonic Lumix CM1 has been updated to Android 5.0 Lollipop this week, which makes it a much more desirable smartphone that may be interesting to newbies, too,

04 Jun 2015

Inmates in California get tablets for cell-bound entertainment

Global Tel*Link aka GTL have announced a new line-up of products designed specifically for inmates and has detailed their program with the deployment of the new gadgets to the Alameda County Jail, California. According to the company that tries to innovate correctional facilities through technology, the new Inspire tablets that

03 Jun 2015

Typo launches new iPad Air type covers

Typo has just reached a settlement with BlackBerry yesterday, which no doubt rid the company of a few thousands dollars. Typo agreed that it would no longer sell type covers for devices smaller than 7.9 inches, as its design infringe BlackBerry patterns. When the settlement was announced yesterday, many people

01 Jun 2015

GoPro thinks a touch display is more convenient for an action camera

GoPro, the company behind the action camera and the entity that made action cameras popular in the first place has decided to improve its line-up of action cameras today. The company announced today that the new Hero Plus LCD camera would be the first in its line-up to boast with